IMET PSA Open 2012
14th to 16th december 2012 at Imet squash-relax centre

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Transport and accomodation info

The address of the Imet Squash Centrum is:
M.Sch. Trnavského 2/B, 841 01 Bratislava.

It is located in the north-western part of Bratislava between city districts Karlova Ves and Dúbravka. The orientation point is the open air swimming pool Rosnicka. The squash center is situated in the locality in one 4-stories high yellow building.

Transport alternatives:
Train: to Bratislava main train station and from there by taxi.
Bus: to Bratislava bus station Mlynske Nivy and then by taxi.
By plane:
1. Bratislava Airport M.R.Stefanik,then taxi.
2. Wien-Schwechat Airport; from there a bus to Bratislava. The bus runs approximately every hour. There are 2 bus companies: Slovaklines and Blaguss Slovakia. The price is around 7€ including baggage. From the stop in Bratislava, you can take a taxi.

Squash Hotel Imet - hotel at the Imet squash-relax centrum; the address is the same as centrum
The hotel is in Imet building. You have to book it now, because only 5 rooms by two beds are there.

INCHEBA - hotel at the Incheba Expo; the address is: Hotel Incheba,Viedenská cesta 3-7,851 01 Bratislava 5
The hotel is close to the city centre and offers view of Bratislava skyline. The bus stop Petrzalka-Einsteinova from the Wien-Schwechat Airport is located conviniently close by.

Public urban transport
In Bratislava is MHD (Public transport) relative fast and chip. You can use Bus, tram or Trolleybus. On web site are all information, prices and some information about Bratislava and Slovakia.
There are numerous taxi providers in Bratislava. We advice you to order your taxi by phone as the fare is more convinient than taking a taxi on the street. Even at the airport, we recommend calling taxi instead of taking the ones waiting there.
You can order the taxi at following phone numbers (for example):
Profi Taxi: 02 16 222, 0905 768 666
Trend Taxi: 02 16 302, 0905 716 302
Estimated prices are around 0.50€ to 1€ per km
Bratislava Airport-Hotel Incheba ca 10€
Bratislava Airport- - Imet Squash centrum ca 15-20€
Hotel Incheba - Imet Squash Centrum cca 6€
Airport ViennaSchwechat - Bratislava city center cca 50-75€

In case of need or further questions, you can contact
- Dušan Richtárik at +421 905 650 944. or
- Andrea Bendová at +421 905 239 002 (no english)

Imet Squash Centrum phone number is: +421 2 654 12345

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We hope that we have satisfied your questions about IMET PSA Open 2011