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Slovak Junior Open 2016 (SJO2016)
23. to 25. september 2016 in Imet squash-relax centrum

Propozície, hráči, rozlosovanie, harmonogram, výsledky
Propositions, players, seeding, results

ENTRY Form 2016
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Because came to injuries and illness and management of SJO2016 want adheres to the rule of a minimum of three games played there were some changes in the categories GU15, GU19 and BU13.
GU15 - Round Robin 4 players
GU19 - two Round Robin and the location 1-1, 2-2, 3-3
BU13 - we play Monrad but for places 7-10 common table, minus a common matches

Game times are subject to change by the organizer.

In accordance with ESF rules, all junior players must wear approved protective eye guards properly over the eyes at all times during play, including the knock-up. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that the quality of the product is satisfactory for purpose.

Schedule of matches:

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Play system by categories with results:

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Winners by squash junior categories

- Winer category BU13 is
- Winer category BU15 is
- Winer category BU17 is
- Winer category BU19 is

- Winer category GU13 is
- Winer category GU15 is
- Winer category GU17 is
- Winer category GU19 is

Fotogalery SJO2013

2013 09 28 SJO2013 1st day 2013 09 29 SJO2013 2nd day 2013 09 29 SJO2011 winers

Fotogalery of winers SJO2012

BU13 BU17 GU15 GU17 other pictures

Fotogalery SJO2011

2011 09 23 SJO2011 1st day 2011 09 24 SJO2011 2nd day 2011 09 25 SJO2011 3rd day

Adress and transport

Adress of Imet squash-relax centrum:
M.Sch. Trnavského 2/B, 841 01 Bratislava.

Squash centrum is localised between town parts Karlova Ves and Dúbravka.
Public urban transport in Bratislave is on MHD web site
If necessery you can contact
- Dušan Richtárik 0905 650 944
- Imet Squash-relax centrum : +421 2 654 12345

Imet squash centrum
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Imet squash centrum
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We hope your fullfilled informatin about SJO 2012.